Radcliffe Cricket Club History

Below is the records of the last horse race meeting to be held at Radcliffe Race course in 1876, over time the land was sold off and part of the course became Radcliffe Cricket Club, hence both the name of the ground being the racecourse and the 20/20 team being Radcliffe Racers:-

last race meeting card 1876

After the last race meeting the course was split up into sections, some areas were built upon and some used for recreational use, Radcliffe Athletic Club used a portion as a running track. There was however a group of people in Radcliffe who wanted to have a town cricket team. Below is the full history of the "old" Radcliffe Cricket Club, the first meeting to agree setting up of the club, the first games and finally the demise due to that old enemy, lack of money. The "old" club played between 1885 and 1896:-

Old Club history 1885 to 1896

The "New" club commenced playing cricket in 1908 and have continued to play until this day.
Below is a number of documents tracing the history of the club, including old score sheets, team members etc.

1st team results from 1887
1st Team Scorecards from 1985
1sts league tables since 1895
1st Team Amateur Partnerships from 1885
1st Team Scorecards from 1985
1st Team Players Career Averages
1st Team Results 2000 to 2011
1st Team Year on Year Averages
1st Team Players Best Figures

Radcliffe Cricket has, over the years, seen many fine performances from professional cricketers, two of many Professionals who have graced Radcliffe Cricket Club include Sir Frank Worrell and Sir Garfield Sobers. Below is the record performances of both pros and amateurs over the years:-

Professional and Dep Pro Figures
Professional and Player Partnerships
Professionals Performances
Professionals Yearly Averages

Radcliffe CC has over the years provided second team cricket, this league is every bit as competitive as the firsts, the below link charts the performances of the seconds since 1885:-

2nd Team Best Figures
2nd Team Career Averages
2nd team league tables
2nd team yearly averages

Radcliffe CC has also provided 3rd team cricket as a springboard and experience for junior players coming through the junior sections, below are records of performances and scores of players representing Radcliffe at 3rds:-

3rd Team Career Records
3rd Team Performances
3rdXI Individual Scores
3rd Team Yearly Averages

Radcliffe CC has a large and active junior section playing at ages from Under 9's upto Under 18's, below is the records of these teams and individual performances:-

Junior Career Averages
Junior Individual Performances
Junior Results and Tables
Junior U9's to U18's Figures
Junior Year by Year Averages

Over the years there has been some successes on the field, league titles and cup wins are listed here:-
cup matches
There has also been a number of matches of note, for example a record lowest score of 8 runs all out in 1964, a club record for a highest opening partnership of 303 runs in 1952, a player being "sent off" by the Umpire, a record of these matches is here:-
matches of note

A cricket club would not exist without the committee, those dedicated people who give up their own time and efforts to try to keep the club viable whilst providing cricket for the people of Radcliffe. Below is a list of all the club officials since 1885:-

club officials

All the above records have been collected and researched by Harry Wolstenholme to whom the club owes a great debt in more ways than one, Harry is Mr Radcliffe CC